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Prof. Dr. a.D. Burkhard Jochem Fleischer (1937 - 2013)


Jochem Fleischer was, for decades, one of the leading specialists for the calculation of complicated higher-order Feynman integrals, with many innovative, original results.

Here is his publication list in pdf format for download: Publications.

PhD Students

Formally, Jochem Fleischer had few PhD students. Although, he supported several PhD students essentially with their projects. In the Mathematical Genealogy Project, there is the entry Jochem Fleischer.

Research topics

Jochem Fleischer worked from 2002 till 2014, and enhanced after his retirement in 2003 at Bielefeld University, in close collaboration with the DESY, Zeuthen Theory group.

The main topics were new approaches to the calculation of arbitrary higher-order Feynman integrals.

The results were mostly concentrated on:

Together with T.R. he studied also, with less effort, the general analytical representation of arbitrary one-loop Feynman integrals in arbitrary dimensions.
The basics were worked out in J. Fleischer, F. Jegerlehner, O. Tarasov, A New hypergeometric representation of one loop scalar integrals in d dimensions, published in Nucl.Phys. B672 (2003) 303.
The aim was to develop an algorithm for applications in arbitrary kinematics. This was beyond the scope of the FJT article, but of potential interest for applications.
This project was more ambitious than expected and was much later finished with a new approach:
K.H.Phan, T. Riemann, Scalar 1-loop Feynman integrals as meromorphic functions in space-time dimension d, published in Phys.Lett. B791 (2019) 257.

A summary of results from work of Jochem Fleischer with Andrea Almasy, Ievgen Dubovyk, Janusz Gluza and T.R. on the reduction of 5-point to 7-point one-loop Feynman integrals was basically finished few days before Jochem left us. It is yet mainly unpublished; but see a talk by T.R.

Obituary of Bielefeld University (29 July 2014)

Reproduction with kind permission of the author, Prof. a.D. Jürgen Engels.

Selected recent talks

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